Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Leaks Can Be A Difficult Problem To Resolve

Over the past 15 years, Tecvac, Inc. has performed some incredible feats; stopping water intrusion with its proprietary TecSealtm Permeation Leak Repair Process.  Here are some examples:

  • Union Station DC - Chronic leaks plagued the station and a host of repair contractors spanning a seven year period could not get the water intrusion stopped.  At the occurrence of each rain event, management was forced to place large trash cans in front of public entrances to catch the water.  In 1999, Tecvac technicians stopped the water...and it is still stopped.
  • Veterans Administration Headquarters Building - When the vast basement of this building was slated for finish-out to expand office areas, the area had leaked for over forty years.  To deal with the problem, sump pumps were installed in coffers and located every 50 feet to keep up with and remove the thousands of gallons of water ingressing.  Tecvac technicians had the entire area bone dry in just eight days.     
  • Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Traction Power Sub Station - The Eisenhower Avenue sub station was a utility complex that now houses massive electrical control boxes.  During the course of construction of the line system, the building received little attention.  By the time it was scheduled to receive equipment, the area had been ankle deep in water for two years.  One week and Tecvac technicians had it dry.  (even pulled off a repair to a 10 inch conduit with a failed seal.)
  • Smithsonian's Hirshorn Museum - For years when it rained, public and office areas puddled water on the floors in various areas of the museum building.  There was a good idea where the water was coming in but, because of the buildings vicinity to the US Capitol Building, the building was an historic structure.  This status limited the methods and materials that could be used to make the repairs.  Tecvac technicians performed the repairs to the historic fabric of the building with it proprietary processes, stopped the water intrusion and did not breach the historic integrity of the exterior's exposed aggregate cladding.
  • Ronald Regan International Airport Pedestrian Tunnel - A pedestrian tunnel connecting the parking garage to the main terminal required leak repairs...and a five year warranty.  After months of searching for a contractor who would offer such an extended warranty Tecvac, Inc. stepped up to the challenge.  Slab thickness, complicated with grade beams and varied contours, proved to be no match for TecSealtm.  The leaks were stopped and the warranty expired with no call back.
  • Somerset Condominiums Balcony Leak - Year after year and contractor after contractor could not stop the water intrusion into the up-scale condominium.  Tecvac technicians solved the problem and repaired the leak in three days onsite.
  • Dulles International People Mover Tunnel - When three other contractors all failed to stop the leaks with conventional urethane methods and materials, Tecvac, Inc. was given a week to perform in a "test" area.  Technicians exited the tunnel each day leaving a trail of dry cracks...eight months later the entire length of the tunnel was dry and ready for finish equipment.
  • Just to name a few...  
When you have a difficult leak problem, call Tecvac, Inc. ....and get the results you are looking for.
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