Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A New Innovation From Tecvac, Inc.

Bonding Agent or PreSoak?
Now Comes Steam To Prepare Existing Concrete For Patching
We all know vapor moves in concrete;Tecvac Puts It To Work!

Concrete can only contain a certain amount of vapor at a given temperature.  Often referred to as the “yo-yo effect”, as the temperature of the concrete rises and falls, so does the volume of vapor.  As the concrete cools the excess water vapor condenses within any surface void.  When the vapor turns to a liquid, capillary action kicks in and disburses the liquid. 

Use Steam To Prepare Concrete For Patching 
Vapor Moves In Concrete…We Put It To Work

In the simplest terms, the humidity inside cured concrete is largely determined by ambient relative humidity; the moisture/dryness of the air moves in and out of the concrete to become balanced.  Without getting into how temperature and water cement ratios effect the amount of moisture the concrete will hold, it is a well known fact when high levels of water vapor are trapped and condense, coatings fail and overlays, grout beds ceramic tile and stones de-bond.  Not to mention the damage which is caused from freezing water vapor within the matrix.  Yet, when installing a patch this water vapor is welcome!  Our technicians now generate this environment with STEAM!   

[Steam is an invisible gas that spreads out and expands 1600 times the volume it was when it was water.  The white plumes you see coming out of a boiling tea kettle is actually steam being cooled back into water droplets.]  

For as long as I can remember, there have only been two schools of thought when it comes to preparing a chipped out and cleaned surface area for placement of cementitious patching material; applying a bonding agent (usually epoxy) or pre-soaking the area for 12-24 hours.  If you have ever done either, you are aware that, depending on conditions, both methods create their own set of difficulties, especially the former.  
Now, when Tecvac prepares a surface to receive a cementitious patching material, the high levels of water vapor generated by a steamed area is not only quick and is lasting.    

Tecvac, Inc. is proud to introduce HydroSattm
A revolutionary process that saves time and provides a reliable moisture rich... ready to cast surface.

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