Sunday, November 12, 2017



It has been awhile ... and have we been busy!

Tecvac, Inc. continues its leadership and this year celebrates its 20th year; solving problems with concrete, masonry and stone; around the world and around the corner.

In the past twenty years, engineers have  used our award winning vacuum processes to successfully repair the mundane and the impossible.  Josh and I are proud to often hear our technicians proclaim, "If we can't fix it...ain't no sense callin anyone else out."  And it's true...  

Tecvac has completed scores of projects around the world; developed methods and materials to solve unique problems; and provided unmatched service and quality to our clients at value added costs.

Tecvac, Inc.  ...  Here's to another twenty.  


What Do You Do When Concrete Support Beams Crack?
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What Do You Do When Concrete Columns Crack?
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What Do You Do When Concrete Sheds Its Aggregate?
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What Do You Do When Concrete Topping Delaminates?

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What Do You Do With An Impossible Leak?
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What Do You Do When You Want To Hire An Award Winning Contractor?

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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Introducing the Vacuum Assisted Relief (V.A.R.) Concrete Patching Process


Tecvac, Inc. has developed a remarkable process for more permanently repairing/patching concrete!

The Concrete Patching Process utilizes vacuum, and modern Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC) material, to produce a concrete patch of superior quality and longevity; especially vertical and overhead surfaces.

Conventional methods of preparation are used to extract deteriorated/defective concrete within the sawcut perimeter of the patch.  These preparations are followed by forming and sealing the entire area to be patched.  After the formed area is sealed,  Tecvac employs the introduction of steam to the enclosed area using its Hydrosattm Process of moisturizing the surface.  Prior to material introduction, vacuum ports are installed at points within the patch area and vacuum is applied; now vacuuming the void, along with the simultaneous introduction of material, eliminates void pockets and honey combing.

By using the versatile SCC material, the result is a superior bonded patch and a finished surface "smoother than a baby's butt"; all with no vibrating or segregation of the material.  In aesthetically critical conditions, the Process can be coupled with our PatchMatchtm color coordination to install a patch which closely matches the substrate.

If you have experienced failure of your patches within a short time after their installation, call Tecvac, Inc. and inquire of our long term warranties available when we patch with

"Leading The Way In New Inovations For The Repair Of Concrete, Masonry and Stone"

Tecvac, Inc.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A New Innovation From Tecvac, Inc.

Bonding Agent or PreSoak?
Now Comes Steam To Prepare Existing Concrete For Patching
We all know vapor moves in concrete;Tecvac Puts It To Work!

Concrete can only contain a certain amount of vapor at a given temperature.  Often referred to as the “yo-yo effect”, as the temperature of the concrete rises and falls, so does the volume of vapor.  As the concrete cools the excess water vapor condenses within any surface void.  When the vapor turns to a liquid, capillary action kicks in and disburses the liquid. 

Use Steam To Prepare Concrete For Patching 
Vapor Moves In Concrete…We Put It To Work

In the simplest terms, the humidity inside cured concrete is largely determined by ambient relative humidity; the moisture/dryness of the air moves in and out of the concrete to become balanced.  Without getting into how temperature and water cement ratios effect the amount of moisture the concrete will hold, it is a well known fact when high levels of water vapor are trapped and condense, coatings fail and overlays, grout beds ceramic tile and stones de-bond.  Not to mention the damage which is caused from freezing water vapor within the matrix.  Yet, when installing a patch this water vapor is welcome!  Our technicians now generate this environment with STEAM!   

[Steam is an invisible gas that spreads out and expands 1600 times the volume it was when it was water.  The white plumes you see coming out of a boiling tea kettle is actually steam being cooled back into water droplets.]  

For as long as I can remember, there have only been two schools of thought when it comes to preparing a chipped out and cleaned surface area for placement of cementitious patching material; applying a bonding agent (usually epoxy) or pre-soaking the area for 12-24 hours.  If you have ever done either, you are aware that, depending on conditions, both methods create their own set of difficulties, especially the former.  
Now, when Tecvac prepares a surface to receive a cementitious patching material, the high levels of water vapor generated by a steamed area is not only quick and is lasting.    

Tecvac, Inc. is proud to introduce HydroSattm
A revolutionary process that saves time and provides a reliable moisture rich... ready to cast surface.

Leading The Way In New Innovations For The Repair Of Concrete, Masonry and Stone

Tecvac, Inc.

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Vacuum Technology Selected By New York Thruway Authority For Bridge Repairs In New York City...

Tecvac, Inc.'s award winning vacuum processes have been specified as the only method allowed to repair cracks, delaminations and spalls on three bridges in New York City.  

As part of a $58 million dollar rehabilitation, Tecvac, Inc. has been selected to provide our proven concrete repair processes by the New York Thruway Authority. The work includes applications of PermeJecttm Vacuum Permeation of fractures, TecBondtm Interface Permeation of delaminations and our steam prep'd VARtm Vacuum Assisted Relief method for spall repairs.

Tecvac, Inc. has been a proud leader in bringing new technologies to the repair industry for over two decades.  Call us with your toughest problem.     800 847-9324

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tecvac Is About To Start A Revolution ...Again!!

Twenty years ago I was privileged to partake in the introduction of a revolutionary method of non-destructive testing for concrete, masonry and stone.  At that time I was operating only one of two Impact Echo Non-Destructive Testing tools in the United States time flies.  Since training at Cornell University, Josh and I have performed Impact Echo Testing on concrete, masonry and stone structures around the world.  

Tecvac Is Now Proud To Introduce

Mira D'OR - Impact Echo Tomography

Data Acquisition and Analysis

This technology reveals unparalleled simplicity and clarity of defects and deficiencies deep inside concrete, masonry and stone members...and puts it right where you can see it.  

Developed from extensive research conducted at the Fedral Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), MIRA D’OR is destined to inaugurate a revolutionary standard for non-destructive testing around the globe.  To discuss your problems...and our solutions, give us a call.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tecvac, Inc. Is Proud To Announce
Vacuum Technology Has Been Selected By New York State Thruway Authority as the Only Method of Repair for Upcoming Bridge Repairs...


Vacuum technology has been applied to the repair and restoration of concrete masonry and stone by Tecvac, Inc. for almost 20 years!  

Now the New York State Thruway Authority joins the ranks of New York City, Rhode Island, Connecticut, the US General Services Administration, Metropolitan Rapid Transit Authorities and many structural engineers and architects around the world who will accept no other method but this proven superior technology. 

Call for more information:
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