Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tecvac Is About To Start A Revolution ...Again!!

Twenty years ago I was privileged to partake in the introduction of a revolutionary method of non-destructive testing for concrete, masonry and stone.  At that time I was operating only one of two Impact Echo Non-Destructive Testing tools in the United States time flies.  Since training at Cornell University, Josh and I have performed Impact Echo Testing on concrete, masonry and stone structures around the world.  

Tecvac Is Now Proud To Introduce

Mira D'OR - Impact Echo Tomography

Data Acquisition and Analysis

This technology reveals unparalleled simplicity and clarity of defects and deficiencies deep inside concrete, masonry and stone members...and puts it right where you can see it.  

Developed from extensive research conducted at the Fedral Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), MIRA D’OR is destined to inaugurate a revolutionary standard for non-destructive testing around the globe.  To discuss your problems...and our solutions, give us a call.

800 847-9324 

Mira D'OR Distributed by:
Germann Instruments, Inc.
Phone: (847) 329 9999
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